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Tatum is an open-source blockchain developer platform for many various blockchain protocols. See all supported blockchains.

Developers can leverage our infrastructure, SDK, and powerful unified API to build blockchain apps quickly and easily. You don't need to worry about blockchain node configuration or maintenance, and you don't need to learn to code for individual blockchains. We have taken care of everything so that you can build blockchain apps with no hassle.

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Easy to Use

Building apps with Tatum requires no blockchain development experience. It simplifies complex blockchain operations into single API calls, which are unified across all supported blockchains. With our SDKs, advanced developer tools, and extensive suite of built-in features, you can build your first app in a couple of minutes!

Future Proof

Tatum allows you to switch between blockchains or integrate multiple blockchains into your apps with minimal changes to your code. If you need a different blockchain for your use case, you can switch over in literally minutes instead of rewriting the blockchain integration from scratch.


Today, the Bitcoin blockchain can do around 7 transactions per second (tps), and the Ethereum blockchain can do around 15 tps globally. That's not much. Plus, you have to pay fees for each on-chain transaction. But in many cases, you don't need to have all the information on-chain.

To solve scalability issues, Tatum has created virtual accounts that can settle transactions separately from the blockchain and synchronize periodically with any supported blockchain.

Virtual accounts

Tatum's virtual accounts support virtual currencies, fiat currencies, and cryptocurrencies. They scan blockchain addresses for incoming transactions and automatically synchronize with the blockchain. Transactions between virtual accounts are instant, feeless, and are periodically synchronized with the blockchain, significantly increasing scalability and reducing blockchain transaction fees.

By leveraging virtual accounts, you can easily execute thousands of transactions per second with any blockchain, including Bitcoin or Ethereum. In the list of supported blockchains, you can see which ones are supported by Tatum's off-chain.


Everything you do in Tatum goes through the built-in compliance engine.

The compliance engine has four major features:

  • Global regulations

  • Local regulations

  • Accounting standards

  • Freezing digital assets

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