Mint NFTs with Tatum's NFT Express

No private key, no smart contract address, no token ID, no crypto needed

This guide explains how to use NFT Express to mint NFTs on the following blockchains.

  • BNB Chain

  • Celo

  • Ethereum

  • Harmony

  • Klaytn

  • Polygon

NFT Express also supports Algorand and Solana. To learn how to use NFT express on other blockchains:

NFT Express uses the same simple API endpoint that you would use to mint NFTs for your own smart contracts with Tatum. However, NFT Express will automatically use Tatum’s smart contract.

With NFT Express you no longer need to enter the following:

  • private key

  • smart contract address

  • or token ID

For a more granular control over using the NFT Express, see Use NFT Express with Your Own Smart Contract.


Tatum plan

  • When used on the mainnet, NFT Express works only with paid Tatum plans. Tatum covers the minting fee for you and then deducts the corresponding number of credits from your monthly credit allowance. To use NFT Express, you need an API key with a paid Tatum plan. Visit the Tatum Dashboard to sign up for one.

    • To mint NFTs on Celo and Harmony, a Start Plan should be enough to mint plenty of NFTs.

    • For Polygon and BSC, we recommend a Basic Plan.

    • As gas fees on Ethereum are very high, we recommend an Enterprise Plan that can be customized to cover your needs. Contact us for an individualized Enterprise Plan package.

  • On the testnet, you can mint NFTs with NFT Express regardless of your pricing plan.

Tatum JavaScript SDK

You must enter the API key in the environment variables in your IDE or into the header of the direct API request.

To use JavaScript, download and install the Tatum JavaScript SDK.

Mint an NFT

Enter the API key in the environment variables in your IDE or into the header of the direct API request.


const transactionHash = await mintNFTWithUri(false, {
    chain: Currency.MATIC
    to: '0x8cb76aed9c5e336ef961265c6079c14e9cd3d2ea',
    url: 'ipfs://bafkreifm6m3dktnvw2n5vm7ssu4zjcw6jzkyk72l6tbehfvmoqurlnbfye'

    "txId": "0x6b426dddfe44b4ac63e862c7bb51a98639b3d8df7bc0311d7bda7fe96ed089bc"

Request parameters:

  • chain The blockchain on which the NFT will be minted. In the example above, it is Polygon (MATIC).

  • to The recipient’s address to which the NFT will be sent.

  • url The URL of the metadata (image, audio, video, etc.) to be included in the NFT. For more information how to upload metadata to IPFS for free using Tatum, see Store Metadata to IPFS and Include It in an NFT.

With just a single API call, you can instantly mint an NFT on Polygon to the recipient’s address.

  • The private key and contract address will be by default set to Tatum’s pre-deployed smart contract and our private key on the blockchain that you specified.

  • The token ID will be generated automatically.

  • The gas fees will be deducted as credits from your monthly credit allowance from the paid Tatum plan you have selected.

You can mint as many NFTs as you want without devising the logic and setting up your own NFT solution.

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