What is NFT Express

Mint NFTs without coding or owning crypto

The Tatum platform already allows you to create your own NFTs on multiple blockchains without having to learn Solidity or create your own smart contracts. Anyone can create NFTS with just a few lines of code and mint NFTs in minutes.

However, to actually use NFTs and put them to work, mint them, for example, there are issues to consider before you start:

  • You must buy and hold crypto to pay for the gas fees. This can lead to regulatory difficulties for enterprises. Some banks may even freeze your account if you try to buy crypto.

  • You need to hold crypto on every blockchain on which you want to mint NFTs. This can be a logistical challenge when minting NFTs on a mass scale.

  • You need to deploy smart contracts to mint NFTs on each blockchain. This can be both complicated and expensive.

  • You need to deal with security issues with private keys to mint NFTs.

  • You need to address performance issues Minting a single NFT is OK. But can you mint one million NFTs in 24 hours?

Advantages of NFT Express

NFT Express allows you to mint NFTs without coding, deploying smart contracts, sending private keys, or holding crypto to pay for gas fees.

NFT Express also serves as the engine for our NFT Minter on Tatum Dashboard.

NFT Express advantages include:

  • You can mint as many NFTs as you want on several blockchains using Tatum’s smart contracts.

  • Your gas fees are deducted from the monthly credit allowance of your paid plan. Chain fees are deducted based on the individual chain’s policy and pricing.

  • You do not have to deploy your own smart contracts.

  • You do not work with private keys.

  • You do not have to hold crypto or keep addresses topped up with crypto to pay for gas fees on each blockchain.

Use NFT Express to Use NFT Express to Mint NFTs with a Single API Call on the following blockchains:

  • Algorand

  • BNB Chain

  • Celo

  • Ethereum

  • Harmony

  • Klaytn

  • Polygon

  • Solana

Two modes of NFT Express

In its standard mode, NFT Express uses Tatum’s smart contract. This is the easiest way to mint NFTs with NFT Express in which tokens are minted under Tatum's collection with Tatum collection name.

However, you can also use your own smart contract for greater flexibility under your own identity while still covering your gas fees from your Tatum’s account.

Read the following sections to learn how to use NFT Express on various blockchains and in multiple modes.

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