Building Blocks

The Tatum API is a set of building blocks for any blockchain/transactional application. It delivers prebuilt blocks available via the JSON REST API. The Tatum API is divided into 3 logical sections.

Virtual accounts

A set of API calls to access Tatum Virtual Accounts. Virtual accounts function in an abstraction layer to provide easy access to crypto/blockchain accounts and assets. In addition, they support fiat currencies and non-blockchain transactions (virtual currencies).


A set of API calls to directly access any supported blockchains, without any abstraction. API calls are as similar as possible between supported blockchains, which further speeds up the development of cross-chain applications.


A set of API calls that interconnect Tatum virtual accounts and supported blockchains. Developers can assign blockchain addresses to virtual accounts, automatically synchronizing blockchain balances and the transaction history into the virtual accounts, and is accessible instantly. Tatum's off-chain solution is available for most supported blockchains.

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